Our services in the areas of technology, equipment, safety, and the efficient use of your industrial trucks and driverless transport systems ensure maximum fleet availability, increase safety in the workplace, and reduce costs.

High Impact Service

Ask any forklift owner how to get maximum value out of your forklift investment and they’ll tell you – proper maintenance makes all the difference.

It’s easy to see why forklifts and other heavy-duty material handling machines require consistent, careful maintenance. After all, these machines routinely perform extremely difficult mechanical functions, carry enormous loads, and do their work in unforgiving, fast-paced environments.

Forklift Maintenance & Repair

To ensure that industrial trucks efficiently support operational procedures, they must first and foremost be continuously available. This is where Impact Forklift Solutions comes in, providing support with maintenance and repair. The performance and availability of your industrial trucks are essential in guaranteeing their productivity.